My First Post

As an engineer I like to do things in a fairly logical fashion so having been tempted by this blogging stuff – here is my first post.  Now bear in mind that as an engineer I spent a long time studying stuff like maths and physics and very little time on important stuff like spelling and grammar.

So why am I adding my ramblings to an already crowded blogosphere?  It might be an early mid-life crisis or it might be that it’s a good way to communicate with my girlfriend who spends most of her time blogging when not at work (apparently this is because I watch too much TV – another good reason to start writing maybe?).  I think it’s actually that I have written a couple of guest posts and longish comments and found that I enjoyed it.

So what can be expected from this blog?  Difficult to say really but it is likely to cover politics (recently joined the Labour Party), the RSA, work (as I spend a lot of time there at the moment and if not there then thinking about it), walking long distances and still drinking inappropriate amounts of brown booze.  People who know me would probably tell you I’m prepared to offer an opinion on most things so who knows where this might get to.


4 Responses to “My First Post”

  1. Matt P Says:

    Hello Matt, welcome to the tubes. Looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. papanomicron Says:

    ta I seem to have had 4 already

  3. The Fundamental Value of ‘The Long and the Short of It’ « Papanomicron Says:

    […] seem to bear no relation in scale to the event that triggers them.  This actually has a link to structural engineering where various previous failures, most famously in this country Ronan Point flats in East London,  […]

  4. Roy38 Says:

    When you institute a system-such as the American welfare system- the recipients believe that they are entitled to "free" things- housing, meals, etc. ,

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