It would be nice to think that by the time some of today’s veterans are in their 100’s we will have stopped adding to the list of those we need to remember at such a rate of knots – given the present amount of conflict in the world this seems unlikely.

Two things really brought it home on Sunday the amount of human sacrifice there has been this century alone. The first was Jock Stirrup who when being interviewed informed us that British Service people had died in every year bar one since the 2nd world war. This is a tragedy not only for them and their families but those on the other side of those conflicts.

The second thing that did it was the Robert Capa and Gerda Taro exhibition at the Barbican. It reminded me that I know next to nothing about the Spanish Civil War, Flesh summed up how strange and horrific the photos were by thinking out loud that it would be a bit like somebody knocking on the door and asking to go to fight on Hampstead Heath. The exhibition ended with WWII where Capa was on on hand from the start of the D-Day landings to the end in 1945. The courage of these Citizen Soldiers never ceases to amaze me and I feel lucky beyond words that I am not from a generation that has had to go through that.

After all that emotion during the day it was probably a mistake to watch Schindler’s List which did rather get the better of me, quite why the site of the actual survivors did it I am not sure but there was defintely some blubbing.


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