Every cloud and all that

So it looks like the dire state of our economy might have some benefits I didn’t foresee.  Namely we might now be able to have a sensible conversation about joining the Euro and working on further integration with our  neighbours, all this without cowering before the little Englanders banging on about the Great British Pound and how they will talk our bull dogs away or something.  Just a quick aside but what made the pound great?  Well you could point to our role in the industrial revolution and consistently level of innovation but I don’t think we should forget piracy, slavery, aggressive foreign wars and human rights abuses but maybe that’s just me. 


However back to the point, there seems to be a growing amount of discussion on the blogs and it came up in the Observer this Sunday.  The EU is even letting misshapen fruit and vegetables in so perhaps the UK has a chance.


All the pointers are that things are going to be pretty dire in the next few years and then once we have recovered from that the climate might get us.  So what’s to lose?  Our influence with the US and other major powers?  Well frankly this is more illusory  than we care to imagine and is based on our over reliance of the City which is broken and our nuclear arsenal (which keeps us as one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council)  – which as more people get their own is starting to become less relevant.


Add to this the fact that trade with other European countries makes up over 50% of our exports and you have to wonder what the objection really is?  If the market is saying the euro and the £ are converging in value shouldn’t we listen to the market?  We wouldn’t be immediately giving up soverinty and sticking the Queen in the Tower of London – mostly we would be banding together with like minded countries to make something that is greater than sum of it’s parts.  At least we would have a currency which is seen as a global reserve and much more stable.


Fundamentally I think that being part of a bigger group makes you more secure and should make you behave better as you have to get a consensus and do things for the common good.  Also I like the other Europeans nations in general and my recent experience from visiting their capitals and meeting people is that surprise surprise they really are quite like us!  Also you can get their by train – in fact apart from the channel you can almost walk from Europe to China.




6 Responses to “Every cloud and all that”

  1. fleshisgrass Says:

    I’m fine with it. Doesn’t do to get sentimental about a currency. But I am too hignorant to grasp the ramifications at all. I might have to come at it via a series of smaller questions e.g what would happen to the role of the Bank of England if we went into the euro?


  2. papanomicron Says:

    http://snipurl.com/5q6lp tells you a bit more as does this link on the european central bank website http://www.ecb.int/ecb/educational/facts/orga/html/or_014.en.html

    but basically the bank of england becomes like a branch of the ECB which means it still has a lot of the same work to do just misses out on the interesting stuff like making decesions.

  3. weggis Says:

    Look Papawotsit, we are British. We don’t like Germans and French. We have pounds weight and sterling, feet and inches and pints, milk and beer. Mess with the drinker and there will be trouble.

    We drive on the left [you should like that being Labour] and we measure our journey in miles.

    Some of us still convert funny money into shillings and pence.

    Nowadays, and it’s all because of those Euro peeps, a “penny Bun” costs 40p, that’s 8 shillings!

  4. papanomicron Says:

    Well you made me laugh anyway weggis. The post wasn’t very popular at home either.

    Apart from sterling we could keep all that stuff and still join the euro as far as I can see.

    Not sure if I want to keep the xenophobia and when we have got rid of cars due to the price of oil what side of the road we are on will probably not matter.

  5. modernityblog Says:

    Not German?

    where does the term “Anglo-Saxon” come from? what was Queen Victory’s family name?

    Not French? and what happened at Hastings?

    I could go on 🙂

  6. weggis Says:

    Exactly! You can choose your friends, but not your relatives.

    Relatives should always be kept at a distance! Otherwise it can become embarrassing.

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