The Whimsy Flesh Forgot

View from Manor Farm at Seaton

In an otherwise excellent post about our recent walk on the South West Coast Path fleshisgrass has missed out on some of the whimsical aspects of the trip. To jog her memory I present,

All the dogs which were either scared or barking at us because we looked a bit weird with our big rucksacks and walking sticks.

The old couple who told us about their son who runs a mud marathon along the section we missed out between Lyme Regis and Seaton. They were rightly very proud of his efforts. We were unsure as to whether using a fire hose was a good alternative to running into the sea to clean of the mud.

The grunting and itchy pigs of Manor Farm Campsite in Seaton. Who were  dangerously affectionate and almost broke through the fence.

How my #swcp was mistaken for a communist acronym

The flying beast of Dawlish which detained me in the shower block so long I was almost declared missing. I was trying to rescue it but it stubbornly held onto the toilet roll I was using and then attached itself to the doormat.

The Flying Beast of Dawlish

The gull which landed on our tent during our last but one night. I thought it was after the food inside and Flesh thought it was just being very presumptuous. She also maintains gulls don’t have dirty feet so questions where all the mud came from.

The annoying know-it-all local near Dartmouth who proudly told us how long it would take us to get to the ferry at Kingsmear. Much more welcome was the lovely lady who told us how well we had done to get that far.

The not so whimsical sight of the aftermath of a bird of prey taking a baby gull. Feathers everywhere and middle-aged men standing around looking a bit stunned.

Meeting up with Gary in Paignton after getting the steam train and having a ‘lovely bimble around’.

I will update if more come to mind.


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